The project team is collaborating with researchers and professionals within and beyond bespoke heritage organisations and universities. We are working internationally with citizen scientists who are helping us through the crowdsourcing component of the project, and with a number of community groups and specialists in different aspects of the human past, design, and research software development.

Advisory Group

UCL Institute of Archaeology:
Mark Altaweel,
 Andrew Bevan and Peter Schauer

Leicester University:
Mike Bishop, Steph Harrop and Colin Haselgrove

Stirling University:
Sian Jones

The Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge:
Daniel Pett

MicroPasts core team

UCL Institute of Archaeology:
Andrew Bevan 

University of Stirling:
Chiara Bonacchi 

Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge:
Daniel Pett

The British Museum:
Jennifer Wexler


Design collaborations

Toma Pople, Julian Simpson, Christina Unwin.


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